Leave in peace of mind, without having to worry about your car


Arrive just a few minutes before boarding and leave your car in one of the “valet service” spaces in car park P5, just as if you were arriving at a posh hotel.

One of our agents inspects your car to check for any damage, then drives it to the nearest car park. You are already thinking about your business appointment, or the sun, if you are leaving on holiday.


Leave your car in our safe hands for complete peace of mind. While you are away, Airport Auto Service offers optional vehicle services, including car washes, servicing, oil changes, tyre checks and minor repairs.

When you arrive, your vehicle will be waiting for you in the line in front of Hall 2. And if you return to Nantes by train, we will drive your car to the railway station.



Airport Auto Service (in the car rental building, opposite the terminal).

Tel: +33 (0)2 40 84 95 41

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