Forbidden objects

What are the prohibited items in the cabin?

Forbidden items when travelling by plane

Security information



You cannot take any of the following hazardous materials onboard an aeroplane (about your person, in your checked baggage or in your cabin baggage):

  • explosives, ammunition, bangers, etc.
  • radioactive materials
  • inflammable materials, paint, etc.
  • corrosive substances, oxidants, irritants
  • toxic products, poison, etc.
  • magnetic masses
  • gases

When in doubt, refer to the official list on the French Civil Aviation Authority’s web site.




Forbidden items in the cabin



In addition to the hazardous materials that are strictly forbidden onboard the aeroplane, for the safety of the flight crew and other passengers, you cannot take any of the following items into the cabin, neither about your person nor in your hand baggage: 

  • sharp objects
  • knives / scissors with a blade measuring 6cm or more in length
  • work tools (drills, saws, etc.)  
  • sports equipment (ski batons, golf clubs, martial arts instruments, etc.)
  • blunt objects
  • weapons or imitation weapons, cartridges for weapons


Items subject to restrictions in the cabin


When carrying the following items about your person in the cabin or in your hand baggage, you must meet certain conditions: 

  • liquids (such as mineral water, perfumes, drinks, lotions, etc.),
  • cosmetics (such as creams, shower gels, mascara or shampoo),
  • aerosols (deodorant, hairspray).

All your liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) must:

  • be in containers of less than 100ml,
  • be presented in a single transparent and closed plastic bag, measuring no more than 20cm x 20cm.

However, you are authorised to carry quantities appropriate for the length of the flight of the following substances:

  • food for infants or young children,
  • liquid medicines that must be taken during the flight, subject to the presentation of a prescription,
  • liquids purchased after passing through security in the shops or dispensers in the boarding area, since these products are checked before they are put on the shelves,
  • insulin for persons suffering from diabetes, subject to the presentation of a prescription.

For more details, refer to the information available on the French Civil Aviation Authority’s web site

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