Checked baggage

Checked baggage

Our advice on preparing your checked baggage

Authorised weight, outsize baggage, automated check-in, forbidden items, etc. Here is all the information you need about your checked baggage.

The fundamentals of checked baggage

bagage soute


You are advised to check the weight of checked baggage authorised by your airline before preparing your baggage. The weight may differ according to the price of your ticket or the airline’s baggage policy.

If the price of your ticket does not allow for any checked baggage, then it is usually cheaper to add excess baggage on the airline’s web site than at the airport. 

If your baggage is above the authorised weight, then you may have to pay a surcharge at the airport.



You can check in online before travelling to the airport, even if you are flying with checked baggage. You must then deposit your checked baggage at the check-in counter. 


 Outsize baggage

Airlines may apply special conditions to particular equipment or outsize baggage (golf bags, surfboards, windsurf boards, diving equipment, etc.). Refer to your airline for more information. This special baggage must be checked in with the airline at the flight check-in counter.


Content of checked baggage

Liquids, cosmetics, aerosols, sharp and blunt objects are authorised in the hold. 

It is forbidden to put electronic cigarettes in checked baggage. But they are allowed in the cabin.


Remember to clearly mark your name and address on all your items of baggage!



Automated check-in counters: faster and smoother



The airport now has a new generation of automated check-in counters in Hall 3. They are rapid, smooth and so easy to use, that you can comfortably check in in less than 1 minute.  


With your boarding pass and your checked baggage, simply:

  • deposit your baggage and scan your boarding pass,
  • take the baggage label that the terminal prints out and stick it on your baggage,
  • confirm that your baggage is ready,
  • retrieve your receipt.


This service is currently available for passengers flying with Volotea and EasyJet. Other airlines may soon also offer this service.


Note: Passengers can no longer check in in Hall 4. Hall 4 is now used for boarding only.

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