Travel with a baby

Practical information to travel with a baby in complete serenity

Travel with a baby

Preparing to fly with a baby


Three changing stations are available in the airport:


- one in Hall 3, near the “La Terrasse” restaurant

- two in the boarding zone, in Halls 3B and 4B

Each station has a changing table and a microwave oven.


Bien préparer son voyage en avion avec un bébé



Preparing cabin baggage for baby


The restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels do not apply to reasonable quantities of milk, fruit juice and baby food for your trip, which means that you can take them into the cabin with you.


All these products must be presented to the security personnel separately when your cabin baggage is inspected.


Certain airlines carry equipment that is useful when travelling with baby (folding pushchairs, booster seats, etc.) free of charge. Refer to your airline for more information.






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