Travel with a pet

How to plan to travel by plane with your pet?


Flying with a pet



You must give notice of the presence of any pet when buying your ticket. The presence of pets is subject to the prior approval of the airline.

Animals weighing more than 5kg travel in the hold in a cage meeting the airline’s standards.

These cages are not available at the airport, so you must obtain one beforehand.


Prendre l'avion avec son animal de compagnie


All animals (dogs, cats, etc.) travelling in the European Union with their owner or for commercial purposes, must be identified, vaccinated against rabies and have a European passport, duly completed by a vet.


In certain countries outside the European Union, your pet may be placed in quarantine, if it has not taken a blood test certifying rabies antibodies.


Refer to your travel agent or airline before departing.




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