Flight Companion

All your flight information from your mobile phone

About to fly from Nantes Atlantique? To help you out, we can send you your flight information by text or by email.

Receive all the information about your check-in desk, boarding gate, etc. directly on your smartphone without downloading an app.


How do I access this personalised service?

This service is available from 72 hours before your departure and for all flights departing from Nantes Atlantique.

There are two ways to access this service:

  • On the ‘Departures’ page on the airport’s website, by clicking, ‘follow this flight’
  •  Directly from your Online Space, in the tab ‘Tracked flights’ by entering your flight number and the date of your trip

You can also select how you would like notifications about your flight: SMS or email.

You will receive a message at every step of your travel itinerary, at least 4 hours before the departure time of your flight. 

Compagnon de voyage - Aéroport Nantes Atlantique

Please note:

Some flights are sold by a different airline to the one you are travelling with. For example, you can book a KLM flight with Air France and have a flight number AFxxxx.

If your flight number is not recognised when you register, check the flight number registered on our Live Flight Tracker.

Bon voyage!