Lost Property

Depending on whether you lost an item at the airport, forgot it on the plane, or did not receive it, the steps are different. Find out more below:

Find a lost or forgotten object

Have you lost or forgotten something on board the aircraft?

  • First: contact the airline’s baggage department.
  • If your item has not been found, you can place an online ad on the “YesWeFound” (France Objets Trouvés) platform below.

Items found at the airport are registered online on the platform of our partner “YesWeFound” (France Objets Trouvés).

How long are they kept for?

  • 2 months for clothes, hats, scarves, caps and gloves
  • 3 months for keys, bags, suitcases, games, books, cuddly toys, wallets, purses, personal documents (excluding ID) and glasses
  • 1 year for mobile phones, digital cameras, valuable jewellery, tablets, laptops

To find your lost item, place an ad online.

  • Placing an ad is free of charge.
  • If your object is found and you confirm that you want to recover it, you can recover it:
    - at the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.: at the Information desk, located opposite arrivals halls 1
    - or by post
    - the service will be offered to you at the price of 11€, to which are added the shipping costs if you choose to collect your item by post.
  • Sending will only be possible for packages weighing less than 5kgs.
  • The item will be returned to you (in France or abroad) within 15 days of your payment.

The airport operator cannot be held responsible for the condition of the item at the time of check-in.

Use the lost property service

Special items

  • French identity documents (ID cards and passports) and driving licences are kept for 1 month at the Information Desk in Arrival Hall 1 before being passed on to Border Police
  • Foreign Identity Documents are returned to the consulates of the countries concerned.
  • Bank cards are kept at the information desk for 24 hours before being sent for destruction
  • Vitales cards are sent to the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie

For missing baggage: