Covid Testing Center
Get tested for Covid-19 at the airport

Covid-19: RT-PCR and antigen testing centre

Get your PCR or antigen test at the airport

On 11th May, VINCI Airports and its laboratory partner Eurofins Biologie Médicale opened an RT-PCR and antigen testing centre on the airport esplanade. Tests are available for anyone who wants one. The testing centre is open 7 days a week, with or without an appointment.

The testing centre is open to everyone, with or without an appointment.


It offers:

  • RT-PCR tests, which are compulsory for travellers to all international destinations and most European ,


  • Antigen tests.


See the conditions for entering or staying in the country you are heading to here:


The Covid-19 testing centre is open:

  • every day from Monday to Sunday (including weekends and public holidays),
  • at least from 4.30am to 5pm.


It is located on the esplanade just in front of the airport, inside a bus specially laid out for the purpose.



To make an appointment:

Make an appointment >


On the day of your test: remember to bring a piece of ID.


To consult your results


 Vous recevez un SMS quand le résultat est disponible You will receive a text message when the result is available:

You will receive an identifier
in the text message
No identifier is specified in the text message 
(as you have already created your personal account)
Click on the link and
select the tab
"I don't want to
 create an account"
Enter your identifier
you received by text
Connect to your account as usual
with your email address and your password
Your Password is
your date of birth
in Day Month Year format


 Pas de SMS ? No text 24 hrs after your test? Trouble getting your results?



By email :

By phone :

7j/7, from 9am to 12pm and from 5pm to 7pm
on 09 70 30 17 00


Got a question?


If you have any questions about the testing process, you can call (non-surcharged call).